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Graphic Designers In Video Games: What Jobs Are There?

When people think of video game development, they immediately think of voice actors, motion capture actors, and developers. What hope do you have if you’re a graphic designer and want to join the video game industry?

What many don’t know is that graphic designers also have a place in the world of video games. They play a more important role than you think.

Graphics Design And Video Games: How Are They Related?

People often say that graphic designers are used in video games to create artwork, logos, and such. What most don’t know is that the field of graphic design is enormous.

It involves 3D modeling, marketing, UX designing, web design, and more. Here are some jobs you can get in the video game industry if you’re a graphic designer.

1.   3D Modeling

3D modeling is complex. It requires a good PC and, of course, lots of training. In video games, 3D modeling is about creating every asset you see in video games. This includes characters, locations, trees, animals, and much more.

It’s undoubtedly the most challenging but rewarding job a graphic designer can get in the video game industry.

You can play a massive part in developing games as a graphic designer. Everything that the players see, you can create.

2.   UX/UI Designer

Almost every video game comes with menus. Graphic designers can be assigned to design the UX of these titles. Aside from that, you can also help create a practical and functional HUD for players to see while playing.

The HUD features everything a player needs to see while playing the game. Say you’re playing a racing game like Forza, for instance. The HUD should feature the map of the race track, your placement in the race, and the current time.

Graphic designers have the skill to create a HUD and an appealing and highly functional menu.

3.   Marketing/Branding

Marketing is a massive part of the success of video games. Players need to be hyped up before they invest in a title, of course.

Aside from game trailers and ads, gaming companies also create posters and other print materials for their marketing needs.

This is a job that graphic designers are suited for.

This is where a video game’s branding also starts to develop. Take a look at the logo for Minecraft. The unique and blocky font used in the game is now very famous. It’s typography that all gamers can easily recognize from afar.

4.   Art Director

Becoming an art director in video games requires years of expertise and effort.

It’s possibly the highest position for a graphic designer in the game industry. Art directors are responsible for creating the game’s entire feel and visual identity. It gave games like The Last Of Us, Elden Ring, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and many more their iconic look.

Art directors can be responsible for everything related to the game’s visuals. Aside from the design of the characters and the world, they’re also in charge of picking filters and color themes throughout the game.

These are just a few of the most common jobs in the video game industry. Aside from a passion for making video games, you should also have the experience and training to become a part of it.

Graphic designers play a huge role in video game development. Many would consider video games as a form of art. If that’s the case, designers like you can bring those titles to life.